Toddler Stations

You may be wondering after reading my previous post how we manage to get any school work done with Hurricane Gideon raging around us.  The secret is Learning Centers or Sensory Play Stations geared toward toddlers.  The idea behind learning centers is for the student (or toddler) to move independently from station to station, each designed to “teach, reinforce or extend a specific skill or concept.”  For toddlers, sensory play is the primary means by which these skills are introduced.  Because we are also very firm believers in “self-motivated learning” and wish to produce “independent life-long-learners” we allow our toddler to create his own sensory learning centers.  I followed him around with a camera one day in order to document his “education.”  Here are just a few of his favorite stations:

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Chances are if you have a toddler in the house you have many of the same learning centers already in place, maybe even a few that Gideon hasn’t thought of!  If so please share them!