Old News

I’ve been playing around with the idea of a new blog and realized I never actually posted the update I wrote for this one back in November!  So here’s a brand new blog post with some really old news.  If you already received this 6 months ago via email, please ignore.

Greetings Family and Friends!

The boys just finished their “Thankful Essays” for school and it made me think maybe I should write one, too. So dear friends, on behalf of the whole McEntee family, here are 5 things we are thankful for this year.


We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Linda and Alex, who introduced the boys to piano and bagpipes while we lived in Hawaii. This lit a fire that has spread to include such instruments as guitar, bass guitar, violin, mandolin, ukulele and drums. Titus seems to have the ability to master any instrument he picks up and Joel has that rare and potentially lucrative talent of being able to carry on an engaging conversation and play a song on the piano at the same time. With lessons, practice, and impromptu jam sessions, not to mention all that talking, you can imagine we have a pretty noisy household. Which leads me to the the next thing we’re thankful for.

We’re thankful to live in the mountains where there is lots of space between us and the nearest neighbor. Otherwise all that joyful noise over at the McEntee house might be a real problem. We’re also thankful that most of our neighbors are families with noisy kids like ours. So even if the sound of life happens to travel through the forest, across the pond or up the road, chances are it’s going to bump right into the sounds of life emanating from other households just like our own. Oh, and speaking of mountains. Nate happened to summit the highest peak in the lower 48, Mt. Whitney, in August and has been eagerly planning his next climbing expedition ever since.

We don’t actually have one (I’d be REALLY thankful if we did) but we did take advantage of an amazing relocation deal offered by Cruise America and had a fun expedition of our own. No mountain tops on this trip, however. Instead we hit up Joshua Tree National Park, the Grand Canyon, Sedona, and finished off with a visit to the fabulous Musical Instrument Museum and an NHL Hockey game in Phoenix. This was probably the trip of Sam’s lifetime considering that in a space of about three days he beat all his older brothers at bowling, mini-golf and was the first McEntee boy to get stitches, thanks to the apparent opposition of forces operating between skateboards and gravity. Hands-down motorhomes are the funnest way in the world to travel with a family. After we dropped off the fun-mobile we met the Langford side of the family in Mammoth to have some together time remembering my Mom in one of her favorite places.

Tom and I are both blessed to have been given the best mothers anyone could ask for. I am so thankful that the Lord brought us back to the mainland so we could have a year close to my Mom before her sudden passing at the end of August. Gideon keeps saying how he wants to go live in heaven with Jesus and Oma but I tell him he has to wait until he’s at least 74 like she did. Now we are relishing in the time we get to spend with Tom’s Mom who continues to rejoice despite the presence of Ocular Melanoma in her life. We are so thankful that our boys have been able to call these godly, loving, amazing ladies, “Oma.”

“This I call to mind, and therefore I have hope: The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.” Lamentations 3:21-23

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

3 thoughts on “Old News

  1. Aloha!

    You came to my mind a couple weeks ago as we are preparing for a two week trip to Kona in May. We have missed seeing your blogs so this one that popped into our email today is very welcomed!

    It was fun to read of the 5 things you were thankful for last Thanksgiving! It is always amazing to see how God times things for us and that is very obvious in the way He brought you back to the mainland in time to have a year with your mom. We are sorry to hear of your empty hole left by her being taken home to Heaven but blessed to see how God, in His mercy, took her quickly. That is the way my husband and I hope He will take us as we are nearing our 80s. Neither of us like pain. :-/

    I am a pianist and a retired piano teacher of 41 years so I was especially interested in reading how music has become a way of life for your entire family. Wonderful!

    We will miss seeing you in Kona at the church but so happy that you have “found” your place up in the mountains! God is good all the time to His own children.

    Mahalo and may God continue to bless others through your life,

    Glen and Helen Stirling (the tall, older couple who visit Kona once a year)



    • So good to hear from you! Please greet the saints at Mokuaikaua for us! Looking forward to our paths crossing again someday. If not in the island paradise, then by God’s grace in the Eternal One to come. Aloha!


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