Monkeying Around

I figured you all might be getting a little tired of hearing my two-cents worth so I thought I would turn this post over to the boys.  This year I haven’t been requiring them to type up summaries like I did on our previous blog sites (click here and here) mainly because we’ve been doing a much better job of recording what they’re learning using the notebook method inspired by Shannon at ihavenogreaterjoy.  Anyway they are all eager to tell you about what we’ve been learning about some of God’s silliest creatures:  monkeys and apes.

Notebooking time

Notebooking time

My favorite monkey is Spider Monkeys.  We made spider monkeys out of modeling clay and Kix and wiggly eyes and pipe cleaners.  Then we had them hang on strings and branches and we played with them all day (Sam, 5).

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We made monkey bread. You can make it too. Open 4 cans biscuit dough and  cut the biscuits into quarters.  Mix 1 cup brown sugar and 1 tablespoon cinnamon in a big ziplock bag.  Add the biscuit  pieces and shake it all up.  Put all the sugary pieces in a pan and then pour 1/2 cube of melted butter on top.  Bake in the oven for about 15 minutes at 375  degrees.  Turn it upside down on a plate and eat it! (Nate, 7)

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One thing I like about orangutans is that it’s the smartest ape in the jungle.  It eats fruit, nuts and bugs.  They swing around in trees like madmen looking for a nice place to sleep for the night.  As orangutans get older their cheek flaps grow bigger and bigger (Joel, 9).

Thank you Kristin C. for this Big Book of Animals which we have been pulling worksheets out of to supplement our studies.

Thank you Kristin C. for this Big Book of Animals which we have been pulling worksheets out of to supplement our studies.

My favorite primate is the orangutan. I like it best mostly because of it’s orange color and hairy body. Orangutans live on the two islands of Borneo and Sumatra in Southern Asia. They are very intelligent and their face has a close resemblance to humans at dusk. Orangutans build a small hut out of sticks and branches.  Orangutans are very curious animals and often sit up in trees and gaze intently at things for hours. Thus the name orangutan means ”man of the forest” (Titus, 10).

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6 thoughts on “Monkeying Around

  1. Hi. Sam. I love the spider monkeys. Did you give them names? You did a great job typing!
    Hi Nate. Can you make some monkey bread when we come to visit? Looks delicious!
    Hi Joel! Thank you for the information about orangutans. When people get older their cheek flaps get bigger too!
    Have you seen that?
    Hi Ti. I think this summer you displayed an orangutans characteristic. What was it?
    Hi Gideon. We can’t wait to see you running around!!!

    Love and hugs to all you boys!

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  2. Hey Sam, my brother and my cousin and I got into big trouble one day for monkeying around with a black spider monkey. We were about the ages of your older brothers. My cousin’s dad ran a lodge and a café on the highway in southern Illinois. One of his quests had a pet spider monkey. He let us take it for a walk with a 10-foot leash, and warned us not to let it go! Well, it got away and disappeared into a cornfield that was at least a hundred acres in size. We had to go up and down and back and forth through those rows of corn with the owner for hours before we found it. Its leash had gotten tangled on a corn stalk. I learned that spider monkeys can make all kinds of sounds: screams, sobbing sounds and even barks. Your uncle Justin used to work for a lady that owned a movie star spider monkey. It could get a cup out of the cabinet, open the refrigerator for a bottle of milk and pour the milk into the cup all by itself! I guess they are silly because they’re so much like us, except they don’t have thumbs and have a tail that serves as an extra arm or leg.

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